Coach Will has provided his reflection on the 2016 Atom Falcons season…

The 2016 Atom Falcons season has come to an end.  It seems like yesterday that we came together for our June camps.  Thank you to everyone from athletes to coaches to parents for helping to make the season so great!

There were many highlights to the 2016 Atom Falcons season.  Some of the most memorable were;

  • The progression in our athletes from Jersey night to the season’s final game.  The transformation was amazing!
  • The confidence that we built as a team, together.
  • Our very strong defensive play and role responsibility.
  • Our very hard work on offense leading to yards gained, touchdowns and completed passing plays.

The athletes learned a lot about football and of course, teamwork.  Football is a sport where every player on the field needs to execute their role responsibilities well in order to expect success as a team.  Our 2016 Atom athletes made the connection early and we built on it throughout the season.  Our athletes learned that hard work on the practice field leads to effective competition on the game-day field.  We also agree that proper Nutrition and Hydration is key to our plans for success in anything we do.  We defined ourselves as athletes and behaved as athletes;

  • Athletes are committed to competition and understand that the main goal is to compete at their highest level possible, every play, every time, to the whistle.
  • Athletes are committed to trying hard, even when it is hard.
  • Athletes are committed to respecting themselves, their team mates, their coaches and their opponents.

We had 5 returning Coaches and 2 new Coaches on the field for our 2016 season and we came together very well as a group.  All the Coaches had very similar goals in mind to begin the season.  Our primary goal was to help each athlete improve in the skill sets necessary to succeed individually and as a team.  Each of our Coaches have exceptional skill sets in certain areas and we utilized those skill sets in the best possible ways.  As athletes, we understand that growth comes from trying hard even in things that we’ve never done before.  Our Coaches did a great job of mentoring that as well.

Personally, I learned that I can rely on my teammates for support no matter what the circumstances.  It’s a great feeling!

As Coaches, we were so proud of so many things throughout the season.  Our sportsmanship is top notch.  Our athletes came to the field to compete.  Our athletes never opted out of a challenging situation, ever.  We are all very proud of our athletes.

If I had to summarize what I’m most proud of, it would be smiles and our graduating athletes.  Smiles because they indicate our athletes are proud of themselves and the accomplishments that they achieved individually and together as a team.  Our graduating athletes because they are growing as athletes as the Falcons grow as an organization.  I’m extremely proud that 10 Atom athletes will be moving up to compete on the PeeWee field next season.  As Falcons, we are all part of one big team.  We are a football family.

Thank you again to everyone that was involved in the 2016 Atom Falcons season.

See you on the field.

Go Falcons!