What a great season! ¬†Coach K provided his reflection on the 2016 Championship year…

First I would like to congratulate the 2016 Bantam Falcons on a fantastic season. You guys did a great job and I am extremely proud of you all. Well Done!

The athletes learned about persistence and tenacity. They knew their goal, worked towards consistent growth, and completed the task that they had in front of them. Essentially, they learned how to become champions.

The coaches learned a lot this season as well. We learned how to better synchronize our goals and work together as a cohesive unit as the season went on. We also learned how to work with our team and the league officials as part of the same football family, so much so that we were awarded as the 2016 Calgary Bantam Coaching Staff of The Year. I am very proud of our squad and extremely pleased with the job they have done.

As the Head Coach this season I learned that you are only as good as the working pieces around you. I learned to take responsibility and ownership over the things within my control, and to not dwell/ruminate over the variables I cannot. This new outlook allowed my focus to really narrow on the youth of our club and provided the opportunity to build better rapport amongst our athletes and their parents. I feel that our community grew stronger through the duration of our 2016 season.

I am most proud of the athletes! Especially the ones who came back from our disappointing season last year to give us a leg up moving forward. The buy in and commitment I saw this year completely eclipsed any level I have seen with the Bantam team thus far. Awesome to see and I hope the trend is progressive and continues in our years to come.

Thanks Coach K and congratulations to you and the Bantam Coaches on the Coaches of the Year award!

See you next year.

Go Falcons!