Congratulations to all PeeWee Falcons athletes, coaches, volunteers, parents and fans on the successes in the 2017 season.  Coach Mike offered his thoughts on the season…

What are your overall thoughts on the 2017 season?

“I was very impressed by the resiliency of our team this season.  Although we were winless this past year, players continued to come out to every practice and every game and competed to improve.”

What goals did you set up at the beginning of the season?

My goals are essentially the same every year; instill values of commitment, leadership and team work and develop and improve football skills for every player.  We had a lot more players on our roster this year, and I am pleased our coaching staff delivered on our promise that every player will play in every game, in all situations.”

Highlights of the season?

There were many skill based improvements by individual athletes, but I was most impressed by the leadership and comradery displayed by our team.

What were some challenges that your athletes faced?      How were they able to overcome the challenges?

“Early in the year there were a few instances where players might get down on one another for missed plays.  Our captains and second year players did a good job of stepping up and providing leadership in a positive manner.  Several players who were injured continued to come out to practices and games and provide support to their teammates from the sidelines.  During the last game of our season, although we were losing I heard several comments from players reflecting they thought it was the best game we played all year, and I agree.  We executed several good passing plays, and 2 excellent fake punts which kept our offensive drives alive.  Defensively we made a couple of important goal line stands, and also had several tackles for a loss in the other team backfield.”

Any distinct themes in your coaching?

“My most consistent theme is TEAM, and the answer to all my questions when I lead our team huddle is TOGETHER.  Individual skills are important, but you cannot be successful in football without the support of your teammates.  There are too many players on the opposing team to get anywhere on your own.”

Great job 2017 PeeWee Falcons.  We’ll see you on the field next year.

Go Falcons!