Notice: To all Calgary Spring Football Association Teams.

The Falcons program has recently experirenced a lack a sufficient number of players.  The Bulldogs also have a limited number of players, although, not to the extent of the Falcons. The Bulldogs area is adjacent to the Falcons area.  The Board of the League has decided to combine the Falcons and the Bulldogs.  The Board wishes to recognize the outstanding efforts by the Falcons’ head coach and the Falcons’ managers in the Team’s recruiting efforts. Despite all the great efforts of the Falcons’ coaches and managers and despite the fact that the Falcons have assembled a great coaching staff, the Falcons continue to procure a limited number of players. The Board’s position, from the many years of experience, is that a team in the League must have a minimum of 35 committed players to operate a team, because of attrition, injuries, sickness, etc.  The rules of the league state, (Rule 35) → “Each Team shall have a minimum of 25 eligible Players in full football equipment for each regular season and playoff game”.

The Board believes it is in the best interest of the League, the best interest of the players, and even the best interest of the Falcons, to combine the Falcons’ players and coaching staff with the Bulldogs’ players and coaching staff.  The Board desires a combination of the two teams and not a takeover of one team over another team.

The Board has decided that:

–              The head coach of the combined team should be Garth Melrose.

–              Grant Weremey should be assistant head coach.

–              The combined team name will be the Bulldogs.

–              The coaching staffs should combine so that the position coaches should be co-position coaches, and every coach be provided the continued opportunity to coach, if so desired.

–              If requested by the Falcons’ parents and if possible, the practices should at both the Falcons; prior practice field and the Bulldogs’ practice field.

–              No players can be released from the combination team, unless such players desire a release to another team and the coach is willing to give the player a release, on the basis that the player would have more of an opportunity to play for another team than the combined team.

The Board will monitor the combination process over the next month to ensure fairness is provided to all. The Board has appointed Brian McCorquodale as Board representatives to oversee this combination process.

Thank You, Greg Peterson, President – Calgary Spring Football Association:

Gregory Peterson